Current URCF Projects


The following table contains links to the Individual Projects Information:

AI models applied to biomedical informaticsDeep-Learning-based Side Channel AttacksDevelop a nasal airway anatomical atlas
Developing Resources for Connected and Automated Vehicle Education (CAVe) and ‘Future Engineers Camp’Development of a Bioactive Biomaterial for Traumatic Nerve InjuryDigital Twin Model Design and Development for IntroSat
Enhancing biomaterial responsiveness through organoselenium polymer engineeringExposure-Protection Integrated Communicator (EPIC) to Improve And Promote PPE Usages in Ohio WorkplaceExtreme Environment Alloys for Deep Sea Exploration
Extreme Environment Alloys for Deep Sea ExplorationHigh-Temperature Additively Manufactured Monolithic Heat Pipe Radiators for NASAInjectable, calcium-scavenging hydrogels to prevent premature bone fusion
Machine Learning for Thermal-Fluid SciencesMechanisms of Uterine Fibroid GrowthModeling of respiratory and speech disorders
Nebulized ECM Rescue Device (NERD) for Prehospital UseSpatial Training in Education: Spatial Tasks, Apps, and Assessment (STAA)Ultrasound image guidance of minimally invasive therapy
Upcycling fats, oils and grease for biodiesel productionVideo summarization using titles

Note - "Some projects are multi-disciplinary; a project in one area may be of interest to students from another major. Be sure to look at the projects in related areas to widen your choices."

Contact: Dr. Gautam Pillay, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean for Research
College of Engineering & Applied Science (Email: pillaygm@ucmail.uc.edu)